“Social media, the unsocial face.”

"Social media, the unsocial face." Have you ever asked yourself, how social the social media really is? No? Than you better should. I think that social media is making us all together more and more unsocial and we do not recognize that. If we chatting with "friends" on Facebook or WhatsApp, we don't think about... Continue Reading →

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How clean is e-mobility?

Basically it is said, that electric driven cars are clean and environment friendly. Is this true? I think it is imperative, because there is no strict point of view. At first of all it should be defined what the meaning of "environment friendly" is, because there are a lot of different versions existing. The first... Continue Reading →

Driving licence – autonomous driving

What do you think? Will we need a driving licence in the next few years, if autonomous driving becomes normal? Nearly every car producer is testing autonomous cars and technologies.  Some companies like Audi and Tesla are offering already cars with "level 3" autonomous driving. Level 3 means, that the car can trigger autonomous  actions like activating the... Continue Reading →

The winner will take it all

The winner will take it all. Can you imagine what I want to say to you? Everyone knows Amazon, Apple and other one of the biggest companies ever. Their main goal is getting the biggest on the market, and suppress competitors as hard as they can. Apple had a market share with 43 percent in... Continue Reading →

The future of television

Is there a future for the classic television? More and more people are using Netflix or Amazon Prime for streaming TV series and movies. But why? For example Netflix costs 8 Euro in Germany each month. Is it worth it? In my opinion yes, because you can decide, what you want to watch, when and... Continue Reading →

About the Blockchain

The blockchain is actually a very hyped technology. But are there use cases existing? The simple explanation of the blockchain is a solid, decentralised, transparence, safe documentation of transactions in "block-form". Every user of the full-node is able to check each transaction, wich was made by himself or other users. In the most cases a... Continue Reading →

Social-media THE social-killer

"The head-down-generation", know what I mean? No? Let me explain this. Most of people have one or more, a smart phone. Nearly 80 percent of the U. S. adults are already using a Smartphone, a heavy Number. Smartphones have a lot of advantages compared with a "normal" mobile phone. Of course you can do instant... Continue Reading →

Industry 4.0 vs. jobs

In this blog post, I want you to think about the Industry 4.0 in regard to the job and employee situation in round about 10 - 15 years.  But first of all what is "industry 4.0"? The fourth industrial revolution. Wikipedia says, that every machine in an industrial company get connected, everything can be tracked.... Continue Reading →

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